This Week's Lesson

Virtual XP-

May 16th, 2021

Activity/Coloring Sheet

Virtual XP- God's Indescribable Creation

Look here each series for a few activity sheets per series to be a fun way to remember our lessons.

Parent Resource

Virtual XP- God's Indescribable Creation

This is a resource/tool for parents to use to follow up or continue the conversation with their kids past Sunday, we hope you utilize it and find it helpful this week.

Pokey the Porcupine Store

Pokey reminds us that patience is trusting and waiting on God in all things.....and now you can order you very own Pokey gear from his special store by clicking on his picture!

Main Service Kids Sermon Note page

Parent can print this page at home for kids to follow along with the Main Service. These are also available in the Welcome Center before coming into a Live Main Service. Follow along, write questions to ask about later, and help remember key points!!